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Discover the South Pacific Islands

With those tens of thousands of islands dispatched and scattered all around and throughout the South Pacific Ocean, it can be confusing with sovereign or independent countries that govern them. The South Pacific Islands fall into three major Pacific Island group:

  • Melansian

  • Micronesia

  • Polynesian

Any other territories or collectives of islands or other areas that are part of a larger nation or country are excluded (such as Easter island, New Caledonia and Guam)

The Sovereign nations in the South Pacific Island Groups are as follow;

Federated States of Micronesia
Capital: Palikir.


Capital: Suva

Capital: Tarawa

Marshall Islands
Capital: Majuro

Capital: Yaren

New Zealand
Capital: Wellington.


Capital: Ngerulmud.


Papua New Guinea
Capital: Port Moresby

Capital: Apia

Solomon Islands
Capital: Honiara. 


Capital: Nuku’alofa

Capital: Funafuti

Capital: Port Vila

​ Three major south pacific island groups

By User:Kahuroa - Outline: File:World2Hires filled mercator.svg; Map information based on Vaka Moana: Voyages of the Ancestors - the discovery and settlement of the Pacific, ed K.R. Howe, 2008, 

South Pacific Island Ladies Dancing
South Pacific Islands Sing Sing PNG

These South Pacific Island group are attracting tourist all over the world and increasing tourism activities. There is also an increasing attracting attention in these regions from developed nations. The South pacific region has strategic significance for any nations foreign interest related to military and economic benefits. U.S foreign policy experts are pushing to establish more diplomatic initiatives largely driven by China's rapid expansion in the south pacific region. Australia and New Zealand policy experts are forced to ramp up more diplomatic relations unlike before the big power houses set foot in the economic, military and foreign assistance policies in the south pacific island countries.

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