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Enga Pilot Province for Cultural Integration in Education System

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Enga to Pilot Intregration of Culture into Education Sysytem
Enga Culture into Education

Abstract taken from post courier, commentary based on it.

It’s very vital that our culture doesn’t fade away slowly and diminish in the future. The future generations of Enga or PNG should embrace its values and cultures that our ancestors have pasted onto us from generation to generations. We should live for something, pride in our own way of life in the society. Papua New Guinea people cannot be some other people inheriting brought cultures. A lot of western countries, developed nations have no culture that have been passed on from their ancestors but built on brought and made fake cultures. Papua New Guinea does not want to be one of those nations that lost and diminished cultural values. We can live the modern western cultures but the values and integral social values that come within are with mere worthless and no real pride in, just confusion and enormous social injustice.

The national and the provincial governments should put politics aside and make a commitment to annually allocate funds in the budget to boost and promote the cultural diversity that the country has, that’ll bring in tourism, local economic growth and show the many colors of Papua New Guinea to the world. Very, pleased with the minister for Tourism and Culture, Emil Tammur has done and Enga being the Pilot Province.

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