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International and Overseas Work Sponsors and Permits is Sweat and Blood

Updated: Feb 19, 2020 Commentary in reference to a news on Post Courier regarding PNGeans stranded in Philippines.

Fellow Papua New Guineans, relocating or immigrating to a different country and finding a job or getting a better paid job is not that easy as people might say. Companies and employers of some shady companies illegally hire people to work for him for less than half of what the minimum wages set by their government.

These kinds of employers will promise things you would only dream of especially to people from third world or developing countries where corruptions or job opportunities are limited where they come from.

People who flee their own countries for better life in a different country, live in fear of being caught and deported and they would mostly end up working long hours in the fields (farms), or on the manufacturing floors. Their rights are taken away with threats to report them to authorities, having no insurance or accessing health cares or having no government issued IDs to have basic public services in that country.

Those claimed employers would ask you to pay for the fees to process your documents and get passport or work visas etc. They would disappear once you spend all your hard-earned money. There are millions of illegally hired immigrant employees working harder for less than what they deserve in the world today. They live in fear, lousy wages, homeless, displaced from the society, feel unwanted and work like slaves. People just need know and get there through the right channels, complying and process documents through the immigrations offices and so forth.

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