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PNG is an Economical/Political Battle Field for Australia and China

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

China's unprecedented take over of Papua New Guinea's political and economical interest is putting Australia on an unforeseen economically and politically disadvantages its in Papua New Guinean's economy.

***photo taken from today's post courier***

There’s political and economic war between Australia and China behind the scenes over Papua New Guinea’s volatile economy. The two nations have a common interest in the South Pacific region as they are pushing their agenda through political and economic development influences.

Despite Australia being the closes alliance of PNG and has a long history since the colonial period and still it’s relationship with Papua New Guinea growing strong, there are so much social and economic negative impacts in the country. Australia has been cheating PNG for a long time and it’s still going on. There are millions of kinas going out of the country every day than PNG getting Australian funds and aids. PNG is carrying the briefcase for Australian while the rightful natural resources owners are fight for bones back in the undeveloped villages in the provinces.

Australia is now facing a new comer in PNG and battling war behind the scenes not to share the blessings that Australia gets from PNG. China has set foot in PNG since the Look North Policy. This is a nation with different political system unlike Australia and PNG. China is gaining more grounds on foreign soils and it’s getting more powerful in the world. It has manipulated his currency rates and has been sending economic shock waves across the global, makes USA come to its knee now and then. It’s a powerful force setting foot in our door steps.

Neither, both Australia or China are here with good intentions for PNG in my opinion. PNG government should be very vigilant about any political or economic decisions conducted and affiliated to these two nations. PNG has been a byproduct dumping ground for years and China knows it very well. PNG can’t be again another country’s dumpster. Chinese products have swamp the markets of PNG. Very low quality and counterfeit products, high in chemical led, doesn’t meet ISO. It’s getting worst!

There’s a lot of loopholes in our government system and the episodes of corruption within the country is taking the nation into a spiral of economic disaster and social injustice like basic services and developments. Citizens should call out the members of parliament and be thoughtful during election period.

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