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Find Part Time Jobs or Seasonal Jobs Overseas

These are the Regional Coordinators Contact Information. They do not hire seasonal workers directly, but the list of employers are under Companies page. 

Regional Coordinators - coordinate with employers

Paul Abbott – Goulburn/Murray (Victoria)
Phone (03) 5430 5664 | Mobile 0428 622 481 |Email

Matt Holland – Sunraysia (NSW/Victoria)
Phone (03) 5430 5667 | Mobile 0436 920 170 |Email

Brian Weiss – Riverina (NSW)
Phone (02) 6240 7556 | Mobile 0412 425 125 |Email

Alastair Mitton – Wimmera Mallee (Victoria)
Phone (03) 5430 5602| Mobile 0409 673 126 |Email

Here are How and Where for people with little or minimum qualifications who'd like to work overseas can find the right agencies and employers to find a part-time or seasonal jobs. 


Australia has implemented a policy to hire part time employee scheme or called the seasonal worker’s program. It’s sponsored by the government to help their local companies.


Let’s look at the Australian Government’s Seasonal Worker Program Regional Pilot


Some of the things you should know before you apply for seasonal or part time job programs.

  • If you are the following countries then you can apply for the part time jobs or check into the seasonal worker program; Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. Their policy to implement the seasonal worker program or part time jobs is to aid the economic benefits of those participating countries in the south pacific islands.

  • The employer can let you as a seasonal worker to stay in Australia for up to nine months during your placement terms.

  • They must sponsor and be responsible for all that comes with your seasonal worker's visas, documentations, fees etc.

  • Your welfare and well being as a seasonal worker or part time employee will the responsibility of the employer while in Australia.

  • The employer must and will provide you as a part time employee or seasonal worker an average of 30 hours work per week seasonal workers with a minimum of 30 hours work for the duration of their placement.




  • Your full cost of return international airfares will be paid by the employer. They’ll deduct some of the money from your wages. This information will be provided in the terms and conditions during your job placement. The domestic travel and accommodations within your country of origin will be out of your pocket. They don’t cover those costs for travels or accommodations that are incurred.

  • The employer will arrange accommodations for seasonal workers or part time employees in Australia. This is required by government for them to house you while you work for them during your employment placement.

  • It takes an average time about 12 weeks to process an application.

  • Once or if your application is approved, you will need to enter into a Deed Of Agreement with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment and will be approved as a Temporary Activities Sponsor by the Department of Home Affairs

  • After the seasonal worker’s Deed is executed and the sponsorship obtained, it’ll take a minimum of 6 weeks for them to process your application by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment and for the Department of Home Affairs to process seasonal worker's visas.

  • Once everything is set and done, they’ll conduct you. It’s important that the contact information and how your will communicate during these processes must be provided during your application.  

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