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Autonomy;Enga, ENB and NIP

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neil Granted Enga, ENB and NIP Devolution Autonomy

What does this all mean? (Personal Opinion)

Understanding the current state of the affairs in Papua New Guinea means understanding which portion of the government are more likely to function effectively than other, and which are more susceptible to corruption. However, as we already see all level of government agencies and politicians are corrupt and this autonomy is not going to eliminate fraud and corruption but more unethical and bribable practices and diminishing role and power of justice system.

No one has so far said anything and reticulated the motive, whether it’s going to improve government function and help recover the economic crisis in hand. Exerted forces and influences behind the signing of autonomy is still concealed. No MPs nor mainstream media is talking about timing and motives of this action taken by the government.

Having said the above, this political power decentralization can be defined in many ways and forms. Autonomy is the device to allow each province or other ethnic groups claiming a distinct identity like us Engans to exercise direct control over our affairs of special concern to us, while the national government institutions cover common interests of PNG as a nation.

What does the autonomy mean for the provinces and their people?

Generally, political autonomy is very significantly import to a nation of diversity in culture and traditions like Papua New Guinea. Most countries went through and still thrive well and their intergovernmental institutions shines to its fullest governance. Fiscal and economic decisions are made independently.

However, Papua New Guinea is not ready for this devolution. One core reason is that the country is run by very corrupted leaders and they are all in whole for embezzlement and fraud, corruption will be in full swing from every government level and it’ll be more difficult for some part of provinces to get government services. The political party in power will only prevail in terms fiscal allocations and services delivery. There’ll be more politically appointed public servant employees and unnecessary government bureaucracies, new government channels leading to more spending. There’ll be more political and financial accountability crisis in this decentralized government system…’s happening now and this grants politicians an easy pass for more fraud and extortion.

Every single citizen should be alert and see how the devolution is shaping up in these three provinces. It’s a political party in power in government of the day and the rest will take the back-seat system.

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